A quintessentially English Sunday

So, this weekend was supposed to be one of knuckling down and making a big dent in my ever-looming dissertation, however, as is the case for many people, my good intentions didn’t seem to materialise. Not that I’m complaining. When I started a new blog, I intended to blog at least twice a week (lol, let’s all laugh together) but obviously that hasn’t happened, until now (she says). I seem to have an incredible ability to just piss time away and then moan that I have a lot to do. But as the daunting realisation of only having one MA deadline sinks in, I realise I really need to get my arse in gear and get back to doing the things I love. Without the commitment and dedication to doing this, I will always be stuck in the same place and position – I haven’t gone back to being a poor student for nothing!

Anyway, my weekend started off with my favourite people, who are always worth sacking off work for. Especially since there was gin involved! Saturday was lost to my new addiction – Love Island, and I don’t think I’m even slightly ashamed to admit that! I absolutely love it. Although, I was slightly productive and highlighted some notes before cooking a perfect piece of steak (which I don’t have a picture of as I was too eager to stuff it in my face). But Sunday was spent in the most English way…afternoon tea in the Suffolk countryside and a venture out on a rowing boat! There’s something so charming and beautiful about wandering through a pretty village in the sunshine after gorging on img_0005perfect, triangular sandwiches, tiny pattiseries and traditional English scones.
My friend posted a blog post earlier saying how not doing work makes you feel almost uneasy and guilty, but sometimes you need to push these thoughts aside and just enjoy the here and now. I can write a dissertation any day but relaxing and having the opportunity to make fantastic memories do not come along every day and we need to take them when we can!


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